The 13th: Thoughts on the Netflix Documentary
Can Trump Ban Birthright Citizenship via Executive Order? Maybe.

Are these black folks racist? Nope.

Torturemugshots010517The attacks on the young white Chicago disabled man are absolutely horrible and despicable. However, if you believe that this act of violence by these three black youth and one black adult is the racial equivalent to the violence experienced by black and brown victims you are mistaken.

These Chicago crimes were not inspired by and are not currently being protected by laws, practices, and systems that are linked to the flourishing and supremacy of whiteness. These acts by these four black Chicagoans, while disgusting, are not part of a larger oppression of white people. Actually, we are witnessing justice take place. The perpetrators recorded themselves on video, were arrested, and will likely face incarceration. Should the same happen for those who are filmed while perpetrating violence against black lives.


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